Heimdal security advisories

The following security advisories have been issued:
2006-08-08: multiple local privilege escalation vulnerabilities
2006-02-06: rshd privilege escalation vulnerability
2005-06-20: telnetd vulnerabilities
2005-04-20: telnet vulnerabilities
2004-09-13: ftpd root escalation
2004-05-06: Kerberos 4 buffer overrun in Heimdal kadmin
2004-04-01: Cross-realm trust vulnerability in Heimdal
2003-03-17: Security advisory regarding v4 cross-realm
2002-10-21: Security advisory regarding kadmind
2002-09-11: Security advisory regarding kf/kfd
2002-08-05: Security advisory regarding OpenSSL and XDR

If you wish to report security related issues in Heimdal, you may send them to heimdal-contact@pdc.kth.se.
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