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5.1.2 IRIX

The IRIX support is a module that is compatible with Transarc's It should work with all programs that use this library. This should include login and xdm.

The interface is not very documented but it seems that you have to copy,, and to /usr/lib, or build your statically.

The itself is able to reside in /usr/vice/etc, /usr/afsws/lib, or the current directory (wherever that is).

IRIX 6.4 and newer seem to have all programs (including xdm and login) in the N32 object format, whereas in older versions they were O32. For it to work, the library has to be in the same object format as the program that tries to load it. This might require that you have to configure and build for O32 in addition to the default N32.

Apart from this it should “just work”; there are no configuration files.

Note that recent Irix 6.5 versions (at least 6.5.22) have PAM, including a module. Not all relevant programs use PAM, though, e.g. ssh. In particular, for console graphical login you need to turn off `visuallogin' and turn on `xdm' with chkconfig.