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Building Heimdal

Building Heimdal

Building and Installing

Heimdal uses GNU Autoconf to configure for specific hosts, and GNU Automake to manage makefiles. If this is new to you, the short instruction is to run the configure script in the top level directory, and when that finishes make.

$ ./configure
$ make	  

If you want to build the distribution in a different directory from the source directory, you will need a make that implements VPATH correctly, such as GNU make.

You will need to build the distribution:

When everything is built, you can install by doing

$ make install
The default location for installation is usr/heimdal, but this can be changed by running configure with --prefix argument.
$ ./configure --prefix=/some/other/place

If you need to change the default behaviour, configure understands the following options:

Cross compiling Heimdal NetBSD/evbarm on NetBSD/i386

This description uses NetBSD as a guide to cross compile Heimdal. We use NetBSD to show how do do it because NetBSD is very friendly to cross compilers.

We assume you are running as root on a i386 installation for simplicity.