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Helping Heimdal

Helping the Heimdal project

This page contain some information about ways you can contribute to the Heimdal project. See also the source code page for change logs and source repository information.

Improving the documentation

The documentation to the Heimdal is quite good, but we can get better. If you have any suggestions, don't hesitate to submit text/comments via GitHub's Heimdal Issues page.

Reporting bugs

This one is simple, if you find something, don't assume its already fixed, send us a short mail about it. If you do, you might get a patch back it the problem is already found, or help you'll help us make Heimdal even better.

You submit the bugs via GitHub's Heimdal Issues page.

Adding tests to the regression suite

When you have a bug, think (and ask us) if its possible to do automated checking if that what now is broken works. This way you'll make sure the bug is not reintroduced again when its fixed. It's boring to report broken functionallity over and over again, so if you help us with this you don't have to.

If you think this sounds like Reporting bugs is because its the next step after fixing a bug. Making sure we never see it again.

You submit the new tests and questions via GitHub's Heimdal Pull Requests page.

Continuous integration

Travis CI is set up for Heimdal branches. It will automatically build and run the tests in each Heimdal pull request, and report the results.

Thank you

Thank you for making Heimdal better.